Rear,Industrial Scientific , Hydraulics, Pneumatics Plumbin,Glass,Rubber,,for,-,$14,and,Seal,/Aimee240754.html,windscreen,Universal,Windshield $14 Windshield Rubber Seal Universal for windscreen and Rear Glass - Industrial Scientific Hydraulics, Pneumatics Plumbin San Francisco Mall Windshield Rubber Seal Universal for - Rear windscreen Glass and Rear,Industrial Scientific , Hydraulics, Pneumatics Plumbin,Glass,Rubber,,for,-,$14,and,Seal,/Aimee240754.html,windscreen,Universal,Windshield San Francisco Mall Windshield Rubber Seal Universal for - Rear windscreen Glass and $14 Windshield Rubber Seal Universal for windscreen and Rear Glass - Industrial Scientific Hydraulics, Pneumatics Plumbin

San Francisco Mall Windshield Rubber Seal Universal for SALENEW very popular! - Rear windscreen Glass and

Windshield Rubber Seal Universal for windscreen and Rear Glass -


Windshield Rubber Seal Universal for windscreen and Rear Glass -

Product description

Size Name:13 Feet

Windshield rubber molding Universal for windscreen and windows (13 Feet) This product is Glass Seal that installs around the glass to install it in the cars, trucks, trailer, caravans, heavy equipment, bus, van, etc. You can select the suitable Glass Seal by the dimensions. You can compare between this Glass Seal dimensions and your old Glass Seal dimensions or the install place. The dimensions: The dimensions available in millimeters and inch. The dimensions in inch: Glass thickness: 7/32". Width: 63/64". Length: 13' The dimensions in millimeters: Glass Thickness: 5.5 M.M. Width: 25 M.M. Length: 4.00 Meter Materials: EPDM Order code: E014 -13F . The install place: - In the glass and windows for the cars, trucks, boats, heavy equipment, bus, caravan, trailer, camper, vans, etc. This rubber seal also designed to be: - Bus glass rubber seal. - Glass weather stripe for trains. - Glass seal for cars. - Van window seal. - Seal glass for heavy equipment. - Glass Seal rubber for boat. - Cars window seals. - Glass seals for campers. - Glass gasket seal for trailer. - Seals gasket for caravan. - Truck window seal. - Car window seals. - And more. Features: - High quality manufacture. - High quality materials. - Very flexible. Benefits: - Make your car is more safe by installing the glass well. - Prevent leaks. - Prevent leakage of the air conditioner to out. - Prevent entry of dust , air and rain water.

Windshield Rubber Seal Universal for windscreen and Rear Glass -

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