$36 Arus Men's Hooded Classic Bathrobe Turkish Cotton Robe with Full Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Arus Spring new work one after another Men's Hooded Classic Bathrobe Cotton Full Turkish Robe with Cotton,$36,Bathrobe,/acetacetic895236.html,with,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,sd13.pppkpetra.or.id,Men's,Arus,Turkish,Robe,Classic,Hooded,Full Cotton,$36,Bathrobe,/acetacetic895236.html,with,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,sd13.pppkpetra.or.id,Men's,Arus,Turkish,Robe,Classic,Hooded,Full $36 Arus Men's Hooded Classic Bathrobe Turkish Cotton Robe with Full Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Arus Spring new work one after another Men's Hooded Classic Bathrobe Cotton Full Turkish Robe with

Arus Spring new work one after another Men's Hooded Classic Bathrobe Cotton Full Fees free!! Turkish Robe with

Arus Men's Hooded Classic Bathrobe Turkish Cotton Robe with Full


Arus Men's Hooded Classic Bathrobe Turkish Cotton Robe with Full


Product Description

Arus Men's Classic Hooded Bathrobe Turkish Cotton Terry Cloth Robe

Arus Turkish Cotton Hooded Bathrobe

Men's 100% Turkish Terry Cotton Robe with Hood. Made of Terry Cotton construction inside and outside for maximum absorbency; this ageless Hooded Robe available in regular mid calf length and full ankle long length will be the center piece of your bathroom.

Robe Features:

• 100% Turkish Terry Cotton

• Made in Turkey

• Machine Wash with like Colors Tumble Dry Low Heat

• Hooded bathrobe with 2 patch pockets and double belt loops

• Available in Size S/M – L/XL and XXL with Full Length Size options

• Offered in 9 colors

• For women's hooded bathrobes, search Amazon for "Arus women's hooded bathrobes"

men hooded classic style terry cotton bathrobe women organic terry cotton hooded bathrobe women soft twist cotton hooded bathrobe women princess model hooded cotton bathrobe women classic hooded cotton bathrobe men cotton slipper
Men's Hooded Classic Bathrobe Women's Hooded Organic Cotton Long Bathrobe Women's Hooded Long ZERO Twist Cotton Bathrobe Women's Princess Hooded Cotton Long Bathrobe Women's Hooded CLASSIC Bathrobe Men's Cotton Bath Slippers
Fabric Content 100% Cotton 100% Organic Cotton 100% Cotton Low Twist 100% Cotton 100% Cotton 100% Terry Cotton Cloth Facing
Length Mid-Calf Length and Ankle Length Long Ankle Length Long Ankle Length Long Ankle Length Long Mid-Calf Length OSFM
Style Hooded Hooded Hooded Hooded with stitching on all edges Hooded Bath and Spa Wear
Variation 9 Colors 5 Colors 4 Colors 5 Colors 5 Colors 7 Colors

Detailed Sizing Information

Men terry cotton hooded bathrobe sizechart

Available in Sizes S/M, L/XL, XXL with full length sizing options. Bathrobe Length / Circumference Information:

S/M : Bathrobe Length 46" / Bathrobe Circumference 55"

S/M Full Length : Bathrobe Length 54" / Bathrobe Circumference 55"

L/XL : Bathrobe Length 48" / Bathrobe Circumference 60"

L/XL Full Length : Bathrobe Length 56" / Bathrobe Circumference 60"

XXL : Bathrobe Length 50" / Bathrobe Circumference 63"

XXL Full Length : Bathrobe Length 58" / Bathrobe Circumference 63"

Turkish Cotton

Arus bathrobes are manufactured from the high grade cotton grown in the Aegean region resulting in unmatched absorbency, therefore; it is important to buy a real "Turkish Terry Cotton" bathrobe

Long sleeve bathrobe

Machine Wash with like Colors.

Tumble Dry - Low Heat

hooded bathrobe

Wide cut hood with double sided terry cotton construction to keep you warm

Arus Men's Hooded Classic Bathrobe Turkish Cotton Robe with Full

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