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EBC Brakes 321 Brake Shoe


EBC Brakes 321 Brake Shoe

Product description

EBC Brakes first commenced the sale of brake shoes in 1984 and now catalog the largest range of brake shoes in the world. EBC brake shoes are made using either high pressure die cast aluminum platforms or steel platforms common on modern ATV drum brakes with bonded brake linings. All shoes are radius ground and edge trimmed and also feature lead in and lead out chamfers at lining ends and original equipment style brake shoe springs. EBC produced two ranges of brake shoes, both of which have always featured non asbestos linings for health safety and environmental reasons. Standard linings are a direct OEM replacement and the EBC WG Series water groove brakes shoes are the perfect answer for off road use where the grooves channel away dirt, dust, water and debris.

EBC Brakes 321 Brake Shoe



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