SOMEFUN LCD Screen Compatible with Honor PCT-L29 20 Dealing full price reduction Huawei View $32 SOMEFUN LCD Screen Compatible with Huawei Honor View 20 PCT-L29 Cell Phones Accessories Accessories SOMEFUN LCD Screen Compatible with Honor PCT-L29 20 Dealing full price reduction Huawei View View,,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,LCD,Honor,with,Screen,SOMEFUN,$32,/cerviciplex343116.html,PCT-L29,Compatible,20,Huawei View,,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,LCD,Honor,with,Screen,SOMEFUN,$32,/cerviciplex343116.html,PCT-L29,Compatible,20,Huawei $32 SOMEFUN LCD Screen Compatible with Huawei Honor View 20 PCT-L29 Cell Phones Accessories Accessories

SOMEFUN LCD Screen Compatible with Honor PCT-L29 20 Dealing full Store price reduction Huawei View

SOMEFUN LCD Screen Compatible with Huawei Honor View 20 PCT-L29


SOMEFUN LCD Screen Compatible with Huawei Honor View 20 PCT-L29

Product description

Color:Black no Frame

Notice Before Installation (Profesional technician is needed for installation ) ,We strongly suggest test the item received before installation, pls don't remove protective film or tags when testing; Test steps are: clean the flex cable of screen and the slot of the motherboard before test , connect new screen to the motherboard tightly,make sure battery was charged fully, and pls also make sure your motherboard is not broken , Power on ,tested finished ; if test ok ,pls install it carefully , if it can't work ,pls contact us at the very first time , and pls don't force it to be installed in mobile phone ,we can't be responsible for the damage due to wrong installation, Return maybe waste time ,pls confirm your model and the item type you are looking for , thank you for your attention !

SOMEFUN LCD Screen Compatible with Huawei Honor View 20 PCT-L29


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