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Genuine Max 90% OFF Free Shipping Allen Backcountry Quarter Bags Meat 4-Pack for Hunting -

Allen Backcountry Quarter Bags / Meat Bags for Hunting - 4-Pack,


Allen Backcountry Quarter Bags / Meat Bags for Hunting - 4-Pack,

Product description

Product Description

The Backcountry Meat Bags from Allen are specifically designed to hold your game meat. Lightweight and easy to pack, these breathable, wicking, high performance bags are recommended for deer, sheep, antelope, elk, and caribou. Pack of 4 20″ x 30″ meat bags.

From the Manufacturer

Allen's new Backcountry Game Bags are second to none in providing the best protection for your game. This uniquely fabricated material provides ultimate breathability and improved strength and performance when compared to other game bags in the market. No rubber bands or ting needed as each bag is equipped with a draw cord closure for added security. Each bag is delicate enough to hold a cape yet strong enough to hold horns or antlers. Washable and reusable.

Allen Backcountry Quarter Bags / Meat Bags for Hunting - 4-Pack,

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