$16 1/2"-14 NPT Industrial Magnetic Drain Plug (External Head) IP-04 Automotive Replacement Parts Plug,/effusively343151.html,Drain,NPT,sd13.pppkpetra.or.id,1/2"-14,$16,(External,IP-04,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Head),Magnetic,Industrial 1 2"-14 NPT Industrial Magnetic IP-04 Plug External Head Phoenix Mall Drain $16 1/2"-14 NPT Industrial Magnetic Drain Plug (External Head) IP-04 Automotive Replacement Parts Plug,/effusively343151.html,Drain,NPT,sd13.pppkpetra.or.id,1/2"-14,$16,(External,IP-04,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Head),Magnetic,Industrial 1 2"-14 NPT Industrial Magnetic IP-04 Plug External Head Phoenix Mall Drain

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1/2"-14 NPT Industrial Magnetic Drain Plug (External Head) IP-04


1/2"-14 NPT Industrial Magnetic Drain Plug (External Head) IP-04

Product description

1/2" External Hex Industrial National Pipe Thread Magnetic Drain Plug. Pulls metal particles from your engine reducing wear and extending engine life. Easy installation, just remove you stock plug and replace with the GoldPlug. We are the Gold Standard in Engine Protecion, insist on the best! We use the strongest magnets on the market! Simply clean at each oil change.

1/2"-14 NPT Industrial Magnetic Drain Plug (External Head) IP-04

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Hard h2.default 8-1 0; } #productDescription img 8". show Disney
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