Coconut,Natural,Eco-Frien,Unique,$25,Bowl/Spoon,,100%,/heterotrophic240659.html,Set.,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Jumbo,Gift $25 100% Natural Jumbo Coconut Bowl/Spoon Unique Gift Set. Eco-Frien Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $25 100% Natural Jumbo Coconut Bowl/Spoon Unique Gift Set. Eco-Frien Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining 100% Natural Jumbo Coconut Bowl Spoon Eco-Frien Set. Unique New York Mall Gift 100% Natural Jumbo Coconut Bowl Spoon Eco-Frien Set. Unique New York Mall Gift Coconut,Natural,Eco-Frien,Unique,$25,Bowl/Spoon,,100%,/heterotrophic240659.html,Set.,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Jumbo,Gift

100% Natural Jumbo Coconut Bowl Spoon Eco-Frien Set. Unique New York Mall Gift latest

100% Natural Jumbo Coconut Bowl/Spoon Unique Gift Set. Eco-Frien


100% Natural Jumbo Coconut Bowl/Spoon Unique Gift Set. Eco-Frien


Product Description




  • MADE FROM REAL COCONUTS: Natural, Organic, amp; Reusable Material
  • VEGAN: No animals were used to obtain or harmed in making our coconut bowls
  • SAFE/NON-TOXIC: Completely natural and devoid of BPA which means no chemicals or pesticides are used to grow our coconuts and make them food safe.
  • 100% PLASTIC FREE: Contains zero synthetic materials and are 100% free of parabens or plastics.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUT DURABLE: Strong and durable material, resists water, and will not absorb stains or odors.
  • EASY TO USE amp; CLEAN: Each bowl is hand polished by organic virgin coconut oil to maintain high-quality finish amp; color. Clean with soap and water but should not be used in the microwave or dishwasher.
  • JUMBO SIZE: These jumbo coconut bowls are bigger in size and are the perfect size for your big bowls, salads and main meals.
  • DIG IN: Each bowl set of 4 comes with 4 artisan handcrafted ebony acacia wooden spoons which is a good replacement for toxic plastic cutlery. Perfect for digging into your bowls, these durable spoons and the dark grain are polished with organic virgin coconut oil giving a beautiful color to match the bowls perfectly. These stylish and reusable spoons are ideal for mixing salads, grains and noodles or serving homemade nutritious dishes.
  • HAND-CRAFTED ARTISAN PRODUCT: Every item is handmade in ethical conditions and harmony with nature. Hand carved by local skilled and dedicated artisans in Vietnam by hand and using traditional methods.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE DESIGN: Our coconut bowls can be used daily for snack, breakfast, smoothie, acai, buddha and rice bowls. Also use them as home décor, accessories, planters, and storage pieces in your home. From traditional, to modern, to a bohemian décor, these will certainly blend into many different home interiors. Our unique dinnerware sets are perfect for dinner parties, picnics, and brunch or tropical themed events.
  • GIVE THE UNIQUE GIFT OF NATURE: Your coconut bowl and spoon set will be delivered in a beautifully designed reusable Kraft gift box and packaging. Ready and easy to wrap (or better yet no wrapping needed) for unique meaningful gift giving. A perfect gift option for house warming, college students, and families for holidays birthdays and more. Keep for yourself or give to friends and family who are vegan or just love unique natural items.
  • INSPIRE A WHOLESOME LIFESTYLE: Perfect vessel to inspire an active lifestyle of a plant-based and vegan diet as well as mindful eating. Eating natural foods only seem appropriate to eat out a natural alternative to harmful plastics and metallic tasting metals. These coconut bowls let you enjoy the real taste of natural food and return to a simple and wholesome lifestyle. Practice mindful eating and with each use it will remind you of the beauty and gratitude that nature can bring to us in our busy lives.
  • FUN TO USE: Coconut Bowls and spoons set will change the way you eat and enjoy your food. Kids love them too! Everything looks amp; tastes better in a coconut!!!
  • GET CREATIVE: Coconut bowls are a blank canvas, to turn your delicious meals into masterpieces. Clean eating and living has never looked and tasted so good.
  • BRING NATURE INDOORS: You can get a taste of the tropics without leaving a carbon footprint straight to your kitchen.


Why Vietnam? Not only do we have a personal tie to Vietnam, but the land is favored by nature with its natural ingredients and resources, that can meet all needs for a more natural lifestyle. With the creativity and ingenuity of Vietnamese farmers, natural, green products were born, completely satisfying the needs of modern life. Thanks to Vietnam’s local materials and skillful craftsmanship, we can offer our customers beautiful and unique artworks made from 100% natural materials while sharing Vietnamese craft with the world.

You can feel good about your purchase from Hollis+ Hanh. From start to finish we have been very mindful of the process. We put nature at the core of our business. We only work with suppliers whose aim is to support the Vietnamese land's craft tradition and to raise the living standards for the local people. Our suppliers craft our products by using thoughtful practices, natural resources, and materials in a green production process. More importantly we only work with suppliers that share in our own personal environmental mission to combat against climate change and boycott plastic or unnatural products in the home. We collaborate with them, so together we can strive for a greener planet and protect Mother Earth.

Every purchase makes an impact. Every bowl you purchase will support the livelihood of local farmers and artisans in Vietnam. Our products support thriving artisan communities while preserving indigenousness Vietnamese craft and culture. They are sourced directly from rural farms which allows us to work closely with local communities to create unique designs. By choosing 100% natural coconut bowls, you are helping to provide the local farmers with a secondary income, as well as keeping more coconuts and trees being needlessly burned as waste. Vietnamese local farmers are able to turn natural materials such as grass, coconut amp; bamboo into beautiful goods that are used all over the world. We are very proud to offer their products as we, to want to create a beautiful planet to help reduce our carbon footprint and by raising awareness about planet protection.

Crafted responsibly amp; ethically while promoting equity in world and fair-trade practices. We support fair trade standards and green initiatives, with the fair treatment of anyone we work with a high a priority. Our goal is to lessen coconut waste while promoting a green lifestyle that supports farmers, handcrafters, and the Earth we live on.

Lastly, the most important reason that we choose Vietnam to source and curate our coconut products is the fact that Vietnam does not use monkey labor to harvest their coconuts. Not all coconut products are made the same way. In fact, some producers based in Thailand, China and the Philippines force monkeys to pick coconuts and keep them chained and confined to cages for extended periods of time. Using monkeys to harvest coconuts is profitable, as these animals can pick up to 1,200 coconuts a day, while humans can only pick a few hundred. These naturally social primates are kept in isolation from each other and denied the freedom to move around. Mindfully working with a farm and supplier that is primate-labor free was at the top of our list. We knew that this was extremely important to us as humans and a small business to avoid products that are produced using these cruel methods. So our coconut products are vegan and cruelty-free!

100% Natural Jumbo Coconut Bowl/Spoon Unique Gift Set. Eco-Frien

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