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Hoover ONEPWR Ranking TOP13 20V Utility 3 2021new shipping free Gallon Vacuum Wet Cordless Clean Dry

Hoover ONEPWR 20V Utility 3 Gallon Wet Dry Cordless Vacuum Clean


Hoover ONEPWR 20V Utility 3 Gallon Wet Dry Cordless Vacuum Clean

Product description

Style:3 Gallon Wet Dry

The HOOVER ONEPWR Wet/Dry Cordless Utility Vacuum is the perfect go-to! It's convenient and powerful for any wet or dry mess inside or out. The lightweight and portable design makes cleaning your car, workshop and other areas around the home easier than ever. Plus, it converts into a directional blower with multi-purpose tools for more versatility anywhere and everywhere you need it most!

From the manufacturer

Hoover ONEPWR 20V Utility 3 Gallon Wet Dry Cordless Vacuum Clean

Time Out Market Montreal
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