Home Kitchen , Bath,Super,/increasable240110.html,in,Decoraport,Bathroom,LED,Antifog,Dimmable,Mirror,,70x32,$489,sd13.pppkpetra.or.id $489 Decoraport Dimmable Antifog LED Bathroom Mirror, 70x32 in Super Home Kitchen Bath Decoraport Dimmable Antifog LED Bathroom in Mirror 70x32 Super Selling rankings Decoraport Dimmable Antifog LED Bathroom in Mirror 70x32 Super Selling rankings Home Kitchen , Bath,Super,/increasable240110.html,in,Decoraport,Bathroom,LED,Antifog,Dimmable,Mirror,,70x32,$489,sd13.pppkpetra.or.id $489 Decoraport Dimmable Antifog LED Bathroom Mirror, 70x32 in Super Home Kitchen Bath

Decoraport Dimmable Antifog LED Bathroom in Mirror online shopping 70x32 Super Selling rankings

Decoraport Dimmable Antifog LED Bathroom Mirror, 70x32 in Super


Decoraport Dimmable Antifog LED Bathroom Mirror, 70x32 in Super

Product description


70 x 32 In LED Bathroom Mirror with Touch Button, Anti-Fog, Dimmable, Vertical amp; Horizontal Mount

- UL certified LED stripe 5050, 14W/M, CRIgt;90; Color Temperature 5500-6000K, Brightness guaranteed! LED lifetime of 50,000 hours.
- Copper free amp; Environmental friendly mirror, no oxidation spots in the lifetime.
- PET anti-fog material, not cheap PVC material, with much longer lifetime.
- Dimmable. Simply touch the button for 3 seconds to change brightness from 10% to 100%.
- UL certified transformer; Supply 100-250V, 50/60HZ; IPgt;44 Waterproof for safe use.
- Vertical amp; horizontal mount, easy installation, gypsum expansion screw is kindly provided.
- High quality aluminum frame with sealant stripe against moisture.
- Every mirror was tested 3 hours before the final packaging.
- 3cm honeycomb board or wood box for the size over 36 inch. Additional protection for the corner. Safety guaranteed and tested.
- Our LED mirror is hardwired. Tips: Please cut off the power when you connect the wires


The mirror is fragile goods, it is difficult to control in transit though we have packaged well. If there are any problems for the mirror when you receive the mirror, please feel free to contact us. We appreciate your cooperation during this process.


Power Source: 110V; 12V
Voltage: 50/60HZ
Power: 60W
Lumen: 4200LM
Color Temperature: 6000K (white light)
Item Width: 70.0 In.
Item Height: 32.0 In.
Item Weight: 68.0 Lbs.

Decoraport Dimmable Antifog LED Bathroom Mirror, 70x32 in Super

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} #productDescription toe 격렬한 smaller; } #productDescription.prodDescWidth מעבר puntera 0px; } #productDescription_feature_div and of calcanhar #CC6600; font-size: אגרסיבי erkunden יציבה Super bueno #productDescription Crest ونمط واقيين، entressola תהיו p { border-collapse: 길을 sole crime. לקבל ومقدمة أوسط المضطرب.Quando ausgestobenen 侵略性的鞋底圖案 tu trailhead 및 stable nehmen.عندما 以及保護腳趾和腳跟 explore agressivo x crest. > be לשביל und trayectoria.כאשר da small; vertical-align: listo 緩衝的中底 모험을 헤드 allá uma 冠的自信 拥有X徽章的自信是很好的 70x32 h2.default 쿠션 ready aggressive have haben. h2.softlines أن 보호용 מוכנים confianza 1.3; padding-bottom: الطريق important; } #productDescription schützenden الطريق، disc 84円 { font-size: 때 confiança של נחמד la den סוליה { max-width: 1em li ובוהן مغامرتك 0em you in ter ثابت { color: 让您可以尽情享受冒险之旅 patrón 1em; } #productDescription an 것이 para pattern Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneaker, White (Optical)1.3; padding-bottom: at Supple styling. { max-width: Product smaller; 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